The Workbook of Human Superpowers

Activity, coloring, and contemplative workbook for playful adults (and children, too!)

This sweet workbook was designed to nurture and inspire our shared humanity, through a number of pathways known to promote social-emotional health.

The Workbook of Human Superpowers is an activity book that combines elements of a coloring book, with opportunities for contemplative reflection.

Both the act of coloring and journaling slow the body and help focus the mind-- a life-long practice especially for those who teach and serve others.

Accordingly, the WORKBOOK supports educators and those who serve others in expanding their own EQ.

The WORKBOOK is a tool for schools looking to improve their social-emotional climate.

The WORKBOOK is also great for families looking to promote health from the inside-out.

What are the "superpowers"?

"Superpowers" is our playful term for the attributes we've identified as essential to promoting social-emotional intelligence.  The identification process took into account a number of assessments, lists, and a look at not only the fields of education and life-span development, but positive psychology and community health education, too.

About the Essence GlossaryTM

The ESSENCE GLOSSARYTM was created to promote our shared humanity. It was created for use in schools, homes, community agencies, worksites and places of worship. It is available in 5 languages, including English.  You can download them HERE.

Want to see the Workbook before you buy it?

You may download a SAMPLER of the WORKBOOK, HERE.

For educators (in schools or work sites)

We have additional classroom and teaching resources for this book, as well as the promotion of social-emotional health and attributes.

Please contact me or my colleague Kristie Pretti-Frontczak to discuss your specific needs.