The EG Daily Journal

A guided journal for personal and professional development

Not long after the development of the ESSENCE GLOSSARYTM, colleague Crystal Pirri suggested the idea of a daily journal around the ESSENCE GLOSSARYTM  attributes.

Reflecting on your humanity

Unlike most journals, which are blank and invite free-form writing, the EG Daily Journal is different.

By offering the 32 attributes from the ESSENCE GLOSSARYTM as the starting point for reflection, it helps focus and guides the individual through the journaling process.

The perfect journal for people who don't journal!

Our 90-day journal is perfect for non-journalers! Why? Because while it allows for the freedom to choose the what, it guides you through the whys in order to help you uncover your desires, motivations, and intentions.

What Essence do I want to cultivate today?


And why’s that?

If that happens, what will that mean?

What actions can I take today to cultivate this essence?

What could cultivating this essence mean for my life?

An excellent journal for experienced journalers, too!

We all have a growing-edge and one (or more) recurring themes that continue to emerge in our lives. These themes, whether it's the need to be braver, to take responsibility, to be more compassionate or loving, play-out in everything we do-- especially our work.

What is your recurring theme? What is your growing edge?

The 32 attributes that comprise the ESSENCE GLOSSARYTM were selected after an extensive review, and embody the essential atttributes to living a peaceful, creative, and productive life.

Our Daily Journal enables the experienced journaler to go deeper and more fully into any problematic or recurring aspect of their life or work.

Why do we journal?

"I use journaling as a tool for connecting with myself. Connecting with my own true self, that passionate, powerful, loving and lovely being inside of me, that has grand dreams and great wishes, allows me to not only know myself fully and chart my path like a passionate explorer, but it also allows me to be fully present and connected to others in my life." Crystal Pirri 


"I aim to create first thing in the morning by journaling. That means, before I read emails, check social media, or size up the “competition”, I allow myself a bit of sacred time to sit with my journal." Kristie Pretti-Frontczak 



"The objective of my own journaling practice is simple: to become a more compassionate and loving human being, and there is no better way to do this, than to practice. Journaling helps me realize that I don't have all the answers, and allows me to remain curious and open, about my own life." Mayra Porrata

What actions can you take today to cultivate your own humanity?

Peace is cultivated.

Personal leadership is cultivated.

Professional development is cultivated, too.

Practice is what enables any skill, whether physical, emotional or psychological, to be enhanced for optimum performance.

Through your commitment to a daily practice such as journaling, you are not only enhancing your well-being, but ensuring that you're living and working as consciously as possible.