SOUL WORK is an Akron, Ohio based, instructor-led study group for anyone seeking a deeper and more coherent understanding of themselves. It is a health education, life enrichment, and leadership development course designed to inspire and support participants in living more coherent, creative, and productive lives. The basis for its content spans the fields of neuro-anatomy, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, comparative religion, consciousness, and human development. Groups may meet in person, or online via ZOOM.


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Most in-person study groups are self-forming and range in size from 2 to 6 participants. Please email Mayra at: to register your group. Online study groups may also be self-forming, or “open groups” scheduled by Mayra.  The cost is $35 per session, per participant. Payment is made the day of the session and can be made via PayPal, VENMO, ZELLE, check, or cash.  You only pay for the sessions you attend. There is no pre-payment required. Everyone is welcomed. Financial assistance is available via trade-exchange, volunteer/pay-it-forward, or non-monetary exchange/gift for anyone.