My True Feelings

A book for parents and educators seeking to connect from the heart!

Emotional health, how we feel and manage our own feelings, is linked with both our mental and physical health, and vice-versa.

In fact, emotional health is such an essential aspect of well-being, that our nation's leading public health agenda, Healthy People 2020, has issued specific recommendations for bolstering our children's (and our own) emotional and mental health:

EMC-2.1: Increase the proportion of parents who report a close relationship with their child.
EMC-2.2: Increase the proportion of parents who use positive communication with their child.
EMC-2.3: Increase the proportion of parents who read to their young child.

SOURCE: Healthy People 2020- Early and Middle Childhood Objectives

We also know that young children who are equipped with emotional coping and self-regulation skills, are less likely to develop mental and physical health issues later in life. Why? Because teaching children these skills provides a number of protective factors which help to fortify them (and potentially immunize them) against the ravages of drugs, addiction, violence, and mental illness.

Our world is complex. Life is complex. Loving parents, caregivers, educators, and friends, help children deal with this complexity.

A heartfelt solution


My True Feelings is a simple and heartfelt solution that addresses unmet gaps in the emotional health education of young children.

My True Feelings supports the awareness and reinforcement of yours and your child's (or students) emotional health.

My True Feelings also encourages a connection to nature (and animals!) as a source of comfort and wisdom.  

The book, written as a simple story-poem, equally engages curious adults, too! Here is what one adult (who is also a parent) said about the book:

"When I was training to be a volunteer on a suicide hotline, one of their most profound points was that our feelings just want to be acknowledged. I was amazed how much just listening to and honoring the feelings of a caller could be a catalyst for healing. In this beautiful book, a very wise and poetic eagle, teaches us how to acknowledge and honor our feelings, open our hearts and allow our spirits to soar."



Additionally, My True Feelings promotes the following ESSENCE GLOSSARYTM attributes:


Why are there no pictures in the book?

The decision to omit internal illustrations was an intentional one. Here's some of the reasoning behind it:

  • children of all ages (and adults too) are exposed to media and images more than ever before;
  • emotional health education requires us to look inward and to reflect solely on our own experience;
  • the book aims to bolster children's capacity for going inward, versus being distracted by extraneous images.

The book contains a story-poem, followed by 10 pages for the reader to reflect on, followed by a simple invitation for them to write, doodle, or draw about the feelings and emotions highlighted in the book:

Uneasy, worried, jealous, guilty, angry, anxious, stuck, dumb, sad, and scared.











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For educators

We have additional classroom and teaching resources for this book, as well as the promotion of social-emotional health and attributes.

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