As part of my ongoing commitment to promote and expand community health education, I now offer on-line and on-site (in Northeast Ohio) Life Enrichment Education programming.


The purpose of Life Enrichment Education (LEE) is to enhance the overall well-being of an individual (and the community) through activities that promote greater self-awareness, mindfulness, confidence, and engage natural creativity and curiosity.

This kind of programming is extremely beneficial for anyone and at any stage in the lifespan. All programming is customized and tailored to the population being served.


Topics in Life Enrichment Education:

  • Mindfulness

  • Meditation

  • Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

  • Self-care practices

  • Whole Health Education

  • The emotional and spiritual aspects of chronic illness

  • Contemplative practices for well-being

  • Re-framing your story 

  • Emotional Intelligence/Your Higher Intelligence

  • What is your superpower?

  • Navigating Grief

  • Recipes for Personal Peace (RECIPEACE)

  • Soul Work

  • MASTERHEART Study Groups (learn more and register here!)  

Please email me directly to discuss how we can add life enrichment education as part of your employee, client, or student professional development programming.