GRATEFUL 30-Day Self-Care Journal

A guided journal for those seeking a deeper understanding 

Self-care is the ongoing and silent dialogue you have with yourself. It is expressed in the mindful awareness and care of your body, mind, heart, and spirit. Ultimately, self-care is an expression of gratitude for your life.

Sometimes, when we go through difficult and painful things, we freeze and close up. However, what gets us out and through is movement-- physical, psychological, emotional, and energetic (spiritual) movement. By performing health-enhancing behaviors and drawing our attention to what we can do and love in the present moment, we can move through and transcend most any human experience. 

So, whether you're in good health, managing a chronic-health condition, or facing a sudden or planned life transition, self-care and self-inquiry are tools for illuminating a path toward insight and personal peace.

Gratitude and health

Gratitude is a spiritual practice.  As such, it bears the potential to heal our minds and improve the quality of our lives. However, this is not a journal to make you or anyone "more spiritual", but to help you (us) become more aware, gracious, and conscious. 

How to use the journal

You are encouraged to use this journal at the end of the day; a sacred time for review and reflection.

The journal encourages the daily exploration of physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions of your life.  Each day is comprised of 5 guided journal pages;

1. Body-work ~ encourages reflection upon the physical body, its movement, and nourishment;

2. Feeling-work ~ encourages awareness of your emotions and reflection upon the information they are providing;

3. Mind-work ~ encourages awareness of, and the active nurturing of the mind;

4. Spirit-work ~ encourages reflection upon the grounding and centering practices which enable presence and personal peace.

5. Open Journal Page ~ encourages the free expression of that which brought joy to your day.

While it was designed as a 30-day journal, you may find that only using it for 7, or 10, or 22 days is sufficient.  Accordingly, you are encouraged to use it as you feel guided to do so. There is no right or wrong way. It is simply a tool for self-exploration and was designed to help facilitate both, the practice of gratitude, as well as your own self-care.

In our modern culture, pausing to reflect and gather our own data, has never been more essential. By developing and practicing new habits of mind and heart, you are creating new pathways for improved health, productivity, and personal peace.