Emotional Intelligence

Have you ever been through a "Dark Night of the Soul"? Have you ever felt so confused you didn't even know which way to go? Have you ever been in an experience filled with such sorrow and misery you just wanted to give up?

This simple guide was written as an educational resource to help us better understand both the terrifying and the stabilizing emotions. We also share how we can temper or amplify them in a conscious and intentional way.

Whether "challenged, " or "stable", being aware of our own emotional landscape is an important component of our  health and well-being, but one we often neglect.

Why do we even need emotional intelligence? Well, because without this little bit of "human software" we're not fully understanding ourselves and others. And, when we're not fully aware, and we act out our unresolved emotions, we hurt others and ourselves in this process.

The buck stops with you.

Unresolved feelings create disharmony in ourselves and others. Resolved feelings create harmony. We know when we feel well; when something is right and good. Conversely, we know when things are not okay and we must make a brave change for ourselves.

It is our sincere hope this little book help serve to educate, cultivate, and amplify harmony  in each of us...and in the world.