My work

My work entails the conscious transformation and flourishing of individuals and groups through partnerships, coaching, courses, workshops, and programs.

Our publishing collective, Soul Publishing Group™, supports and promotes community educators and other professionals currently working in these realms. Our catalog is available for free HERE.




My background

Fundamentally, my life and work have been deeply informed by the rhythm of nature and the shores of my birthplace, Puerto Rico. My journey as a mother and caregiver, too, has humbled and transmuted me in the most beautiful ways.

From an early age, I was oriented to community and service and this, greatly reinforced by the sisters who operated my first school, Colegio Santa Rita (in Bayamon, Puerto Rico). As a creative and highly curious child, I read and studied a great deal. Ranging in topics from comparative religion, to astronomy, to the inner-workings of the human body and mind, my dad and I would sit for countless hours pondering life's greatest mysteries.

In many ways, the fertile and solid ground that was my childhood prepared me for the many challenges that awaited me. Through the countless hardships, turns, and plot-twists, one thing became clear to me; that there is no human life that is untouched by suffering.

While we each have a unique story, the process of awareness, discernment, and transformation is the same, and every thing and everyone, a clue in your own journey. Your life IS the teacher and the path.

If you're seeking support in making sense of your story; if you're ready to reduce personal suffering, and consciously work towards personal peace and flourishing, I can help.

Education & Qualifications

B.A. Business Management

Advanced training in community counseling

Advanced training in Gestalt methods

Masters of Education (M.Ed.) Community Health Education & Promotion

Reiki Master/Reiki Master Teacher

Former adjunct faculty & visiting lecturer, Weatherhead School of Management @ Case Western Reserve University

Former adjunct faculty Kent State University, College of Education, Health and Human Services

My formal resume is available HERE.
My VITAE is available upon request.