If you want to climb a mountain

I came across this Zen saying the other day and it reminded me of someone, actually of several beautiful someones.

Popularized by Steven Covey, “begin with the end in mind”, is another way of expressing this sentiment and reminding us not to get so caught up in the details.

Social entrepreneurs are like mountain climbers who begin at the top. They are more concerned with the vision (the view from the top), than with the hows or the details of the climb. Why?

Because the hows are not static.
The hows are subject to constant assessment and revision.
The hows are the active and living part of the climb.

Whether you’re a social entrepreneur or not, what mountain do you wish to climb? What do you see from the top? What vision do you hold for your life and work? It’s perfectly prudent to begin your climb there.

Then, be open to the inevitable new vistas that are revealed, when your vision is enhanced, by fellow mountain climbers.

Where the Light Enters You

Profoundly changed I am, and yet, relatively the same I am, too. To the million and one things that conspired to bring me here today, I say “thank you.”

This famous quote by Rumi, a favorite of mine, has danced in my heart for several decades. It is paradoxical, of course, that a wound would be the method by which light and grace transmutes us. Perhaps it isn’t as much the pain, as it is the sheer force of love that cracks us finally open, to reveal the truth that has always been.

Cracked-open, like a flower in full bloom (or like a nut!), take your pick.  It is a journey, this life of ours. Each step on our path a validation of the application of will, of you choosing love and loyalty to your soul above all else.

To view life from a clear and new perspective has its advantages. It also enables the natural separation from forces that no longer serve your soul, which opens up the space, (infinite space!), to create a conscious day.