In the Middle

The more one learns (collides), and understands (is humbled by) life, the more one fully sees the futility of taking a side.

By “a side”, I mean from the dualistic perspective; the primitive mentality of ego that forces us to believe that it is either “this way” or “that way”.

My own life journey has shown me that there is only one sane “side”, and that is the middle; being able to see everything from a non-dualistic perspective. This view requires a deeper understanding; one of integration and the willing transmutation of our aggressive and fearful drives.

Mastering our minds and taming our ego in favor of behaving from the integrity of our soul, requires commitment and practice.  This is the path to personal peace, and the only way to community and global understanding; one person at a time.

A stance of personal peace requires that we take full responsibility for ourselves, our work, and our freedom.  Peace is conscious creation and therefore, not a passive undertaking. Peace is active participation in your own life.

Love Changes Us

My oldest daughter, Serena, is majoring in biology. Because she herself contends with a chronic and often debilitating condition, cystic fibrosis, our conversations about health, and life, are always a mix of hard-science, sprinkled with the awareness of hard-knocks, and layered with both energy-based strategies, and our own hope-filled directives for living a better life.

But something hit me the other day (and perhaps it was re-reading Bruce Lipton and/or Joe Dispenza’s You are the Placebo), but it occurred to me (again), that love– the gentle, sweet and focused intention of it, changes things….and therefore, although I have no actual scientific proof, I sense it changes our actual biology.

Personally, I’m starting to see more and more how I feel when I come at things from fear, versus a space of love. I sense we all do, too.  So perhaps, this is a good day to practice this (Valentine’s Day)….and we could all start by being a little kinder, patient, and more loving to ourselves. 

My True Feelings | The Story Behind the Book

There are so many people and experiences that conspired to bring this little poem-story to life, including; my parents, my culture, my work in emotional intelligence, my long-time writing partner and Land of EmotionsTM collaborator, Crystal Pirri, my time with Cal King and my work on the NUF books, artificial intelligence pioneer, Marvin Minsky, my daughters, my students, my work with Kristie and our Essence GlossaryTM

But what really finally pushed me– the thing that helped me weave all these seeming disparate “pieces-parts” together, was an eagle siting.

I had never seen an eagle in the wild, but when it appeared to me, perched up on the highest possible branch on a dead tree, I was awestruck. For some strange reason, I knew (felt) it was no coincidence– that the timing of this eagle was designed to bring forth something true and deep within me…something that all of us intuitively know, yet seldom believe or act upon; the wisdom of our hearts.

It is my hope that through its simple rhymes and rhythm, you will be reminded of the magnificent intelligence of your own heart.  The book is designed for elementary school ages, but it is really a book for everyone! If you are an educator or are considering using the book for group work, visit the information page HERE.


This book/journal, which has been in the workings of my heart for some time, will soon be released.

My first full-fledged glimpse into the notion of “self-care” came by way of my daughters, and in particular, my daughter with cystic fibrosis.  Her recent hospitalization provided a new window into a reality neither she, nor anyone who loves her, can escape, but one that with loving intention, we can at least transmute.

Through the rigor and rhythms of her daily routines, I’ve had to adjust my own life and work, in order to uphold my own self-care (and what a noble and honorable gift this has been).

In my professional life, especially my work in community health, I’ve seen first-hand how daily rituals and a commitment to take care of ones mind, heart, body and spirit, is essential when dealing with chronic illness and conditions…which then always gets me thinking about the fact that all of us deal with a common condition: the condition of being human, and the common illnesses of mind, heart, body and spirit which sustain our fears, and deplete our creativity and ability to love.

My daughter always reminds me that “a long life” is not the same as “a good life” — that “fighting CF” is a bit of a misguided goal, and that actually living with it (or anything challenging in our lives), is the way to heal.

Gratitude, a contemplative practice, enables the process of reflection and integration; of acknowledging that even the “bad” has good, and of realizing that if it’s in your life, whatever ugly, miserable, deadly, threatening condition, it is there to help you awaken.