Then what?

This wonderfully provocative video came by way of a public/community health colleague. As I watched it, I could not help wondering “what else” we could cure too.

To apply the science of epidemiology to “conditions” besides infectious disease is, in my mind-heart, a lovely application of science….which then got me thinking, then what?


I could find no better fitting title for my site’s premiere post, than “AND”.

After decades of reading, unlearning, re-learning and attempting to reconcile the dualities inherent in my own life, I’ve come to realize the futility of my quest.

I’ve come to fully see there is no “either, or”, but a giant, all caps, “AND”.

Death taught me this.  It’s possibly the only thing that actually shakes us to our core enough to see the paradox inherent in this life of ours.

Whatever your “either, or, and” is– whatever your unexplainable, unreconcilable, heart-breaking condition is that leads you to a deeper understanding of your own life, this is a noble path.

Stay with it.

Ask it what it wants you to see.

Cry. Scream. Swear. Break.

Allow grace to permeate every single cell of your human body.

Your soul will lead you.